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How true... 'all psychological and emotional pain last for just 720 seconds?'

All emotional pain is something you forced upon yourself. From the beginning of it to the time stopped. Emotions truama do not continue long once the trigger is over and done, however, tough emotions spawn lasting feelings that endure. That is because it is individual interpretation of the events that causes the pain or trauma, not the event itself. No matter how emotionally painful, anyone's personal understanding is consistent  with them and the way they handle the effect - whereas there can be others who may empathize or "feel their pain", it's equally guaranteed that there are others who do not or cannot perceive what all the fuss is... primarily based on their own emotional build-up and past personal experiences. 

Emotionally sourced feelings and truamtic experiences are basically outcome of making an attempt to hold an emotion in there so as to utilize its motivation once the trigger is over and done. A potent enough feeling maybe self-sustaining to the extent that it must be consciously released and let go.

So, It is important to let go off all negative emotions that traumatises you to avoid you sliping into psychosis and other mental health issues like depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts or behaviours, alcohol and/or other drug use problems, difficulties functioning, sleep disturbance - for example staying up all night, cognitive problems such as difficulties with memory, concentration, reasoning, etc. If there is already a build-up of any of these in your system already, you need to seek help immediatelyMental health and  psychotherapy personnels like psychiatrists, professional counselors, pscyhologists, social welfare officers, etc can be of great assistance to your emotional wellness.Cheers to your emotional well being from Lifewalk -never walk alone!

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