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Laughter: the cure just the way your body wants it!

“There is little success where there is little laughter.”
- Andrew Carnegie
According to a study, kids laugh 300 times a day. That's great, how about us adults? 15. We laugh 20 times less that kids do. Kids are a lake of laughter, and we merely a bathtub. And you're missing on pure gold if you do not laugh. Laughing cures stress, laughing cures disease and laughing cures paralysis (okay, no, not paralysis). Swimming through plethora of information we created this essay on laughter, and might just get you to show your front-teeth - say cheeeeese!
Why laugh
1. It reduces stress: Laughing has been scientifically proven to narrow down on our cortisol, the stress chemical. It means that people who laugh are more than unlikely to jump off Empire State Building (unless pushed).
2. Helps lower blood pressure: Laughter kicks crap out of your blood pressure (in a positive way). So laughter could really help if you're on your way for the 3rd heart attack, or want to avoid heart-attacks altogether!
3.It's the heroin drug: Endorphins - I just love them. Endorphin is the chemical naturally released within our body, and is quite similar to morphine (heroin). Endorphins are sprinkled during sex, eating chillies (I know it's weird) and laughing! Endorphins also comfort with pain, albeit for a short time. And unlike heroin, it's completely safe and non-addictive. Who doesn't want to be so high that you love it?
Laughter: the cure just the way your body wants it!
The secret to laughter
Most advices (watch standup!) aren't worth your money (nor mine). So what is the undisclosed card to laughter? Friends are. Dr. Robert Provine in his 20 years of microscopic focus on laughter found our laughter had nothing to do with jokes. You're 90-percent of laughs when are with your friends. Comedy films fall flat for me if I watch them alone - not a smirk! With friends... I laugh much more. Below are great techniques to let the dogs laughs out.
Good people equal good life: This technique is our most effective. You jot down a list of trash talkers. And then you pen a list of nice, funny people. Avoid grumps, and start running into those nice, funny ones. Ask them out for a lunch, start hanging out with them. Laughter is contagious. Before you know, you'll be laughing more than you ever did.
Comedy movies (with friends): Me and my friends bless our eyes watching a movie every weekend - usually comedy. And we laugh so much so as to make the goods envy. Colour your life with a comedy movie session every weekend - you could be 2 people or 5 (avoid "one"). Just don't say, "we're here to laugh!". This is a most effective way to wash off 99.98% of laughter.
Learn to smile: Do you know, according to stats, only 2-percent of handful can actually fake a smile? It's could be that we're all dumb. But we see our actors putting up a genuine smile all the time. Duchenne smile (scientific name for genuine smile) engages the face, not merely disclose your teeths. Try looking in the mirror and smiling. Pay attention to your cheeks - did they jump up creating a wrinkle near the eyes? If it was only your lips that moved, that's not a genuine smile. Practice pushing your cheeks near the eyes, and try observing if it feels like you're really smiling. When you're good at it, make it part of your greetings - a genuine smile. 
To sum it all up, laughing doesn't cure paralysis but if you try, it just might! Nevertheless it is a sea of benefits. Every time you smile you summon up a chain reaction of changes in your body - and not to forget you're legally taking heroin, the way your body meant it to!

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