The way out of fear: how to live and succeed without the fear

Imagine jogging one chilly morning. Once in a while, you see a beautiful woman (or man, for our female readership). Perhaps she's wearing navy, and it's her morning look that catches your eye. Whatever it is, you walk to her, look right into her eyes, and say teasingly, "You look really cute when you yawn." She giggles - plain old signal that you've made a new friend.
In short, that's freedom. A respite from fear. Don't you want to be that man who stands against his boss when others go numb? I'd like to work my fears, so should you! And I've a guide for both of us.
You're not here to find respite from spiders (or are you?) And no, this is not a skydiving/bungee jumping aid either. We're talking about often-occurring scenarios. Here is a bullet list of what we should help ourselves with:
  • Approaching and talking to opposite sex (and it goes to women too).
  • Standing up at work
  • Larger things like starting a business, or doing something different
These are your fears and things that cause you pain and stirs your emotions. The ones that can multiply your happiness several fold and give you emotional relief if you do them right. Below are techniques I've stumbled upon over the years, that have been of assistance to thousands of people. If you use them, I promise, the above written anecdote will be your life - not a piece of fiction written by me. 
What are the things you could if there is no fear in you


Some techniques... That work.

case scenario: What is worst that could happen if you leave your job and start a business? Your business will fail and find yourself fishing for a job. That's it. Ah! Wasn't that supposed to be scary? Our fears are actors hiding behind a fake devil mask. Worst case scenario thing is favorite of Tim Ferriss (of 4 hour work-week fame).  This technique liberates fear of big (like travelling the world, or starting a business). So next time, you find yourself fearing a big change, ask: What is worst that could happen if I *insert dream here*?

Start small: If you're interested in approaching opposite sex (and you are), this technique could change your life. Going and starting a conversation with a guy you like could be stressful all in one go! We'll put a women scenario: You've got a guy at work (and of course, he's cute). And honestly, you're the one who doesn't talk much. Start by complementing. That's it. And not just him, every guy you like. As soon as you get comfortable take it from there. Then increase to complement + a question. Example: Nice shoes, where did you get them from? Because journey of thousand miles begins with a single step.

The deathbed mentality: Mark Twain had a beautiful quote. I'll put a part for your aid; it goes - You'll regret things you didn't do much more than the ones you did. Would you regret trying to open your company and failing? Or regret not trying at all? Of course the latter. Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple, took his best decisions after he knew cancer was to have the better of him. You too release some of your fears - by knowing you've nothing to lose. Or specifically, by asking: Would I regret trying and failing at x? Or regret not trying x at all?

So, that was our guide. And if you are any more interested in multiplying your joy (and dividing your fear), you might set upon a book - Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway. Not that I've read it, but if I was offered a dime every time it was recommended - I'd be a millionaire by now.


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