The problem with the childhood responses is that they once worked very well according to the limited understanding of the frightened child, but now that you have grown to adulthood these responses have become a liability and rather than solve the problem of the trauma they now prolong it. They are both the cause of the problem and the consequenc... Read More

According to a study, kids laugh 300 times a day. That's great, how about us adults? 15. We laugh 20 times less that kids do. Kids are a lake of laughter, and we merely a bathtub. And you're missing on pure gold if you do not laugh. Laughing cures stress, laughing cures disease and laughing cures paralysis (okay, no, not paralysis). Swimming thr... Read More

Experts say that it is important for women to accept that they may go through a difficult transitional stage.  Some feel that newly-divorced people go through the same stages of readjustment as those who are coming to terms with bereavement.  Feelings of denial, depression, anger and acceptance are common but it is important to seek help if the... Read More

Imagine jogging one chilly morning. Once in a while, you see a beautiful woman (or man, for our female readership). Perhaps she's wearing navy, and it's her morning look that catches your eye. Whatever it is, you walk to her, look right into her eyes, and say teasingly, "You look really cute when you yawn." She giggles - plain old signal that yo... Read More