My husband has denied me sex for 3 years and left me distressed, woman discloses

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My husband has denied me sex for 3 years and left me distressed, woman discloses

A 40-year-old woman, Mrs Taiwo Olorunisola, who lives in Lagos state has disclosed her marital ordeal when she said her husband is no longer tolerating her on bed and this action has left her emotionally distressed.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that Olorunisola  further said  her husband Olajide had starved her of sex for three years.

"My husband does not make love to me nor does he eat my food for the past three years. He always claims that I wants to kill him," she said.

The wife also accused her husband of threatening to kill her several times in the past.

"My husband is always threatening my life; he once brought out cutlass in the middle of the night threatening to butcher me but I was fast enough to escape.

"There was a day he was beating me, I escaped and he threw a stone at me but I dodged it and the stone hit my first daughter on her forehead which led to heavy bleeding and higly distressed.

"Our daughter was rushed to a hospital and her head was stitched. The scar is still on her forehead," she said.

It was learned that mrs Taiwo Olorunisola the mother of four, has been married to Olajide for 18 years.

"My husband cannot do without going to a beer parlour and he must drink to stupor after which he usually loses self control.

"He used to tell me that nobody can take away beer from his life," she said.

Olorunishola added that her husband womanises a lot and that she once read a message sent by one of his lovers and confronted him and that he confessed to her and begged for forgiveness.

She has sought for physchologist help before her marriage gets dissolved. She said though she is tired yet she would be happy if things could come to normalcy in her home.

However, Olajide, 47, denied all the allegations, saying that it was his wife that was having extramarital affairs and caused serious distress and emotional turmoil in the family.

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