50% children suffer physical abuse in school – UNICEF

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50% children suffer physical abuse in school – UNICEF

The United Nations Children’s Fund said over 50 per cent of Nigerian children suffer physical violence and emotional abuse in schools.

The Child Protection Specialist of UNICEF in Bauchi Field Office, Ladi Alabi, made this known on Thursday, December 1, at the ongoing Child Protection System Strengthening meeting in Gombe.

The News Agency of Nigeria reports that the meeting was at the instance of UNICEF with support of European Union, United Nations and other international organisations.

Alabi explained that the figures emanated from the survey conducted in 2014 by the National Population Commission, which states that Nigerian children suffer high prevalence of all forms of violence, including physical and emotional trauma.

She said a high percentage of children also suffered physical violence within the family setting and the immediate environment.

”Teachers are the most perpetrators of the first incidence of physical violence for children in Nigeria.
”Statistics shows that over 50 per cent of children in Nigeria suffer physical violence in schools.

”Also, 35.5 per cent of girls and 34.1 per cent of boys suffer physical violence within the family and immediate environment.

”So, parents and adult relatives are the most common perpetrators of physical violence in childhood,” she said.

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